Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 2: Kigali Genocide Memorial

Maya P.
Hello all! Today was Day 2 here at ASYV. We began our day with a drive to Kigali to visit the genocide memorial in the city. Each person walked about the memorial, which consisted of a combination of mass graves, information and video clips. The entire thing was incredibly powerful and I felt particularly moved by the exhibition with photos of children killed in the genocide and a plaque that described each child’s favorite food, their best friend and any other information. We closed our time at the memorial with a brief interfaith service before heading to a delicious African Buffet for lunch. Snacks were on the mind as well, and a trip to the market was just the thing to satisfy this hankering. I bought some Digestive cookies (disclaimer: not a laxative-all is well on that front-just a delicious type of biscuit) which you can find basically nowhere in the US, as they are a British delicacy yet the box has Arabic writing on it!
    The day was jam packed with such a range of things but overall I felt that I got to expand my knowledge of Rwandan life, which was really exciting.

We had the opportunity to assist with a service project (Tikkun Olam) with a student led project that involved building mud bricks. These bricks were to be used to help expand a kitchen of a local house. The process of creating these bricks involved digging a 2.5 foot deep mud pit in near the house and mixing in dried grass cut into 8 inch sections with the mud. The mixing was achieved by stomping in the mud with our bare feet. The mud was then passed down in giant mud balls person to person to a drying area where mud was packed into bricks and left to dry for a week. This process was an opportunity to connect with students and we got into a bit of mud play and singing of common pop songs. 

Peace and love to all,
Maya Pace

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