Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 1: ASYV


This morning I washed off the travel and the tired and we started our first day in the village. As we toured ASYV we saw goats and cows and corn and avocados and wide open halls and homes. At meals and at family time we met with and walked with and talked with and debated with and laughed with and danced with and sang with students. So many verbs! Also so many names! This community is incredibly welcoming. Initially this was overwhelmingly for me. Yet at family time, Maya, Julia and I connected with the Ida B. Wells family which is comprised of 18 girls in their enrichment year. I found this to be the most exciting time in our less than 24 hours at the village. There was a lot of love in that home and a lot of good hugs. I feel really grateful and excited that this place exists on this earth and really grateful that we are here together. Our first group discussion centered on international service and education and for me it brought up a lot of energy around ideas related to intention, autonomy, and seeking truth.

The village is bigger and greener than I had imaged. Also the stars. All of the stars.

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